Celebrate 16 Years of growing impact


Helped 314 Sexual Assault Survivors

Provided 4,993 Services (individual counseling is our #1 service)

Empowered 19,584 Students with Prevention Education


We plan to use a 10,000 square foot facility for Stabilization Housing for Trauma and Trafficking Survivors

We plan to use a 2,000 square foot Anti-Trafficking Day Center that facilitates up to 50

2020-2021 Annual Report

Grants $517,509.19
Community Allies $50,316.73
Fundraising $8,771.52
TOTAL $576,597.44
Payroll & Healthcare $474,583.46
Business Expenses $130,421.80
Program Materials $8,437.93
Travel/Training $9,053.98
Fundraising Expenses $2,505.18
TOTAL $625,002.35

Financial Documents

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Audited Financial Statements

Federal Tax Returns (IRS Form 990)

Three years of financial records are available by inquiry.  Please contact Fair Haven, Inc. to obtain copies for your review.

Recognition We've Received