Become Our Ally!

All Fair Haven’s services are provided to the community FREE of charge. Fair Haven relies on the financial contributions from Individual Community Members, Local Business & Faith-Based Communities to help sustain our programs.  Every dollar makes a difference. 

Allies can choose a donation schedule that works best for them: monthly, periodic or annually. Let’s partner for a purpose!

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Our Ally Levels

LIGHTHOUSE Level: $10,000


Empowers us to share our hope!
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SAIL Level: $7,500


Empowers us to sustain our hope!
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Compass Level: $5,000


Empowers us to make an impact!
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ANCHOR Level: $2,500


Empowers us to stay the course!
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Every Dollar Counts.

Whatever level you choose or whatever amount you can contribute, your investment in your community saves lives and helps survivors find their Safe Port in the Storm.

Make a Memorial or Tribute

Ally Star

Gift a donation in honor of a loved one. In lieu of flowers for a loss, request tax-deductible donations to support survivors.

Here Are Some of Our Community Allies


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Lerner & Rowe Gives Back