Here Are Some of Our Community Allies

Become Our Ally!

All Fair Haven’s services are provided to the community FREE of charge. Fair Haven relies on the financial contributions from Individual Community Members, Local Business & Faith-Based Communities to help sustain our programs.  Every dollar makes a difference. 

Allies can choose a donation schedule that works best for them: monthly, periodic or annually. Let’s partner for a purpose!

Investment Levels:


SAIL Level: $10,000+

Empowers us to sustain our purpose!


BEACON Level: $5,000-$9,999

Empowers us to share HOPE!


ANCHOR Level: $1,500-$4,999

Empowers us to make an impact!


COMPASS Level: $500-$1,499

Empowers us to stay the course!

Life Ring

Every Dollar Counts.

Whatever level you choose or whatever amount you can contribute, your investment in your community saves lives and helps survivors find their Safe Port in the Storm.

Ally Star

Make a Memorial or Tribute

Gift a donation in honor of a loved one. In lieu of flowers for a loss, request tax-deductible donations to support survivors.

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Kind Words from Some of Our Community Allies

Here are some of the endorsements, testimonials, and kind words that reflect our community involvement and how we make a difference.

Franciscan Alliance

Franciscan Alliance

“The need for Fair Haven’s services is increasingly in high demand.  The services they provide have continued to grow and expand; demonstrating their commitment to victims of sexual violence.  From the initial phone call, to the bedside, to providing support services, advocating and walking with the victim through the judicial process, (Fair Haven) has enabled victims to remain engaged.  Their continuum of care does not just improve victim outcomes, but makes our community safer.”

Hammond Police Department

Hammond Police Department

“It is my belief that without advocates from Fair Haven, a number of victims over the years may not have made it through the criminal investigation without their support and assistance.  Fair Haven is truly an asset to all survivors of sexual assault in NWI.”

Indiana Coalition to Eliminate Sexual Assault


“Fair Haven has and continues to be a beacon of light to victims of sexual assault and their support systems in Lake County.”

Indiana State Police Laboratory

Indiana State Police Laboratory

“The Laboratory Division of the Indiana State Police recognizes the work of the LC SART of which Kelly Vates, Executive Director, is Co-Chair.  Through your hard work, the LC SART has developed guidelines which has improved services and response time to victims/survivors.  The participation of Fair Haven helps Law Enforcement agencies and the Lake County Prosecutors office work with victim/survivors to a successful resolution of their cases.”

Indiana University Northwest

Indiana University Northwest (IUN)

“Fair Haven is a critical service provider in NWI. I believe strongly in the work that Fair Haven is doing and I hope they will continue to be a resource for the NWI community for the indefinite future.”

Indiana University Police Department

Indiana University Police Department Detective Liesenfielt

“Fair Haven is directed and co-founded by Kelly Vates, a survivor herself. Part of the mission of Fair Haven, believed strongly by Kelly, is to educate the public. The general public, not just victims. Through education, Fair Haven takes the burden of the unknown off the shoulders of people who are involved or could be involved in sexual assaults. It also provides a safer area when they reach out the Lake County community. A big way that Fair Haven provides education is through the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). SART is a combination of different agencies who play a role in combating, preventing, and reacting to sexual assaults. Kelly is a co-chair of the team and assures that Fair Haven play a leading role in its response. She also does a great job by providing education to everyone on the team and gaining legitimacy in what SART does.

Fair Haven is responsible for improving thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives in Lake County, Indiana. Their dedication to prevention, advocacy, and education is paramount. I, along with many others, would not trade the advocates and supporters of Fair Haven for any other program or group, in which case would be a downgrade. Fair Haven has worked hard and with the support of a grant to continue their mission, they can work even harder toward implementing a safer and smarter community of Lake County, Indiana.”

Lake County Indiana Prosecutor

Lake County Prosecutor's Office

“Fair Haven’s advocacy efforts have contributed to the successful prosecution of multiple sex offenders in our county. Furthermore, advocates from Fair Haven have played a critical role in furthering the goals and accomplishments of the Lake County SART, of which Fair Haven’s Executive Director, Kelly Vates, co-chairs.”

Prevent Child Abuse Lake County

Prevent Child Abuse Lake County

“Due to the very high standards and excellent reputation of Fair Haven, along with my personal experience of working with this organization, I highly recommend Fair Haven.”

St. Jude House

St. Jude House

“Fair Haven has been an invaluable resource to our agency, and to the clients and communities we serve.  Fair Haven is an active partner and truly making a significant impact.”